Mohammad Sarwar, ex-MP

Mohammad Sarwar was the Labour MP for Glasgow Govan from 1997-2005 and for Glasgow Central from 2005-2010. He was the first ever British Muslim MP.

Mohammad was born in 1952 in Pakistan and was educated at the University of Faisalabad, Pakistan, earning a BA in political science.

Before advancing to his position as a member of the House of Commons for Glasgow Govan, Mr Sarwar was a Trades Union Liaison Officer and a member of the Scottish Labour Executive.

He was a member of the Scottish Affairs Committee, with special interests in international development, economic policy, and pensioners' rights.  Member Select Committee: Scottish Affairs.

In August 2013, Mohammad was appointed as the Governor of Punjab in the Pakistani Government of Nawaz Sharif and as a result renounced his British citizenship.

With his wife, Perveen, whom he married in 1976, he has three sons and one daughter.