Piara Khabra, ex-MP

Piara Khabra (1921-2007) was the oldest MP in the House of Commons between 2001-2007, and also the only serving member at the time to have fought in the Second World War. He was a the first Sikh member of Parliament.

Born in India in 1921, he served in the British Commonwealth Forces in WWII and holds a BA and BEd from the University of Punjab.

Before entering Parliament, he was a Social Work Teacher for ILEA. He also served terms as the Chair of the Indian Workers Association and Chair of the Ealing Law Centre and was a founder member of the Ealing Race Equality Council.

He dedicated much of his political life to advocating for the legalisation of controlled euthanasia. 

Piara was survived by his second wife, Beulah Marian, and a son from his first marriage.