Shahid Malik, ex-MP

Shahid Malik was elected as a Labour MP for Dewsbury from 2005 to 2010.

He was born on November 24th 1967 and educated at London Polytechnic and Durham University Business School. He has been a Labour Party member for over 20 years, as well as a long-term trade union member.

In December 2005 Shahid beat out over 100 MPs to win House Magazine's 'Best Maiden Speech of the Parliament' award, regarded as the Parliamentary Oscars and only held once every four years.

Shahid was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Department for International Development on June 29th 2007, making him Britain's first Muslim Minister.

Roles he has served include: the first ever Great British Commissioner to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, the Commissioner for Racial Equality in Great Britain, the Vice-Chair of UNESCO UK, and the national Chair of the Urban Forum fighting poverty, Government Adviser on Neighbourhood Renewal and also Community Cohesion, and Vice-chair of the All-Party Kashmir Group.