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The Events Calendar lists community and fundraising events.

Educational seminars, conferences, meetings, networking events, small or large, as long as they are intended to educate, inspire and engage our communities. Send information of your up-coming events to:

Celebrating Legacy, Community & Culture with the Radiate Windrush Festival 2 Days of Music, Arts, People, Food & Markets. Open for all, the vibe is real so come down to soak in the sun, bring your flags, whistles, horns, family & most of all your excited selves!
The Afghanistan Central Asian Association is holding its annual Refugee Week Summer Festival.
Venue: Deptford Park, 23 Scawen Road, London, SE8 5AE Details: Welcome to the 6th e...
Our wellness days are aimed towards the whole community... from self love to positive parenting there's something for all ages.... Within the large hall itself will be 40+ stalls showcasing & selling products/ services all around the topic 'Wellbeing'
Europe has been at war almost all of its existence. The Waterloo campaign ended 25 years of war in Europe; it supposedly brought peace to the world. The First and Second World Wars brought chaos and death. Who fought in these wars?

African Superheroes Day

27 Sep 2019 05:09
The original 3 hour event repeated by popular demand ! African Superheroes: Many artists are making up for the severe lack of positive images of black people in animated films and comics, there's alot more than just Black Panther
The Africa Forum is a premier event for those curious and excited about Africa. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities on the continent. Come listen to distinguished speakers who are helping to shape the future and trajectory of this abundant continent