Black & Asian Studies Association: A 27 Year Review

Date and Time: 
Sat, 03/11/2018 - 13:00 - 17:00

Harris Westminster Academy, Steel House, Tothill street, London, SW1H 9LH

This half day conference will feature two of the founding members of the pioneering B.A.S.A. (Black and Asian Studies Association) Professor Hakim Adi and Marika Sherwood. They will speak about the achievements of B.A.S.A. over almost three decades and what they see as the future of history. We will also hear from doctoral student Hannah Ismael who will give a 21st century view of B.A.S.A. and its relevance to present day historical activism. Topics covered will include:

  • Issues B.A.S.A. raised and success stories in school curriculum, publishing, museums, stamps, monuments, plaques
  • Learning points for future activists
  • Progress and regression in provision of Black history
  • Archiving and digitisation; the new problems that are old
  • B.A.S.A. alumni 'well known' initiatives/historians that started with B.A.S.A
  • The state of Black history research and provision today compared to 1991

The Black and Asian Studies Association was formed in 1991. The aim of the Association is to foster research and to disseminate information on the history of Black peoples in Britain. They take up issues with government departments and quangoes, such as English Heritage regarding Blue Plaques and much else. B.A.S.A. also challenged the Qualifications and Curriculum Association on school curricula, and MLA regarding archives, libraries and museums. They have worked on specific projects with other organisations. e.g. the Runnymede Trust and in the past with CASBAH, and the National Archives’ website on the history of Black peoples in Britain since the mid 16th century.

  • Hannah Ishmael on BASA's incredible achievements: books, journals, alumni, campaigns, school, archives, networks etc.
  • Professor Hakim Adi on BASA, past successes and how they did it
  • Marika Sherwood on BASA, future history and success, what needs to be done and how
  • Testmonials from BASA alumni
  • Q and A with Marika Sherwood, Hakim Adi and Hannah Ishmael
  • Networking and booksales