Solution Oriented Summit ( SOS)

Date and Time: 
Sat, 30/06/2018 - 16:00 - 19:00

Word of Life, Rehoboth Building,
72A Mayeswood Road, Grove Park, London, SE12 9RP

Solution Oriented Summit ( SOS) by Sylbourne Sydial.

“Tackling knife and gun crime in our community let it not be our legacy”

Since the start of the year knife and gun crime has being on the rise in the UK especially London where recent statistics have claimed that crime in London had surpassed New York

"Solution Oriented Summit " (SOS) this is in line with keeping to be solution focus instead of just talking about it. There are many organisations in the UK and in London especially who are on the front line doing work and it is crucial to have them on board. This will be start of many summit in keeping the focus in changing the legacy.

The target will be the community and as well the church community in being aware and being proactive of this crisis which is sometimes overlooked as everyone has a role to play.

The Facilitators:

  • Duwayne Brookes - Former Local Government Member and Stop and Search Expert
  • Leroy Logan – Former Commander of Police
  • Stephen Akinsanya – Barrister (represented many perpetrators of Knife crime.
  • Paul McKenzie – Youth worker and Strategist
  • Stephan Ghislain - The Black Syndicate