Afzal Khan MP (Labour)

Afzal Khan is the Labour MP for Manchester, Gorton. Afzal was elected in the June 2017 General Election and received 35,085 votes, which equaled a 76.3% majority. He was re-elected in the December 2019 General Election and recieved 34,583 votes, equalling a plurality of 77.6%.

Afzal was born in 1960 in Jhelum, Pakistan, and is a Labour Party politician from the City of Manchester.

He was the Executive Member for Children's Services and was the youngest, first British Pakistani and Muslim, Lord Mayor of Manchester from 2005 to 2006.

Khan, born Mohammed Afzal Khan, came to the UK from Pakistan at the age of 11. Throughout his life, he has had a number of jobs, including a Police Constable in Greater Manchester, and later qualified as a solicitor. He served as a director in Mellor & Jackson solicitors in Oldham.

In February 2013 Afzal Khan was shortlisted as one of the North West's eight potential Labour candidates for the 2014 European Parliament elections, which he won during the 2014 general European Parliamentary elections, becoming the MEP representing the North West.

Khan is married with a son and two daughters, one of whom, Maryam, has also served as a councillor in the area of Longsight.