Faisal Rashid ex-MP (Labour)

Faisal Rashid is the Labour MP for Warrington South. Faisal was elected in the June 2017 General Election and received 29,994 votes, which equaled a 48.4% plurality.

Before being elected to Parliament, Faisal served as Mayor of Warrington, the first Asian in 170 years of Mayoral history. He also worked as a Labour Borough and Parish Councillor in Warrnington.

Faisal is passionate about economic development,support for small businesses and community cohesion. He has pledged to support Warrington schools, work to generate inward investment, support our hospitals, and promote housing policies to deal with homelessness.

Contact Details:

Tel: 0207 219 2775
Email: faisal.rashid.mp@parliament.uk