Imran Hussain MP (Labour)

Imran Hussain has served as Labour MP for Bradford East since 2015. Recently in the December 2019 General Election, Imran received 27,825 votes, which equalled a 63% majority, retaining his seat.

Imran currently serves as a Shadow Justice Minister. He previously served as a Shadow Minister for International Development.

Born and raised in Bradford, Imran currently resides in Bradford with his family. He was the first person in his family to attend university and completed training to be a barrister - where he gained skills that he uses everyday as a councilor and hopes to use in developing and scrutinizing legislation.

Imran was elected for council 12 years ago and later served as Deputy Leader of the Council. While in that role he established MAGIC, a youth programme that helps those at risk of slipping into crime; protected all of our domestic violence services from cuts; brought state of the art non-invasive post-mortem facilities to the city; protected our community advice services and worked with the police commissioner to put more PCSOs on the street.

Twitter: @Imran_HussainMP