Rupa Huq MP (Labour)

Dr. Rupa Huq has served as Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton since 2015. Recently in the December 2019 General Election, Rupa received 28,132 votes, which equaled a 51.3% majority, retaining her seat.

She currently serves as a Shadow Minister of the Home Office for Crime and Prevention.

Rupa has lived in Ealing for over 40 years. She first became involved in Labour politics when at Cambridge University, and has been active in Ealing, serving as Deputy Mayoress of Ealing in 2010-11.

Her career as a senior lecturer for the past decade gives her confidence, toughness and flair, and as a trade union representative she is used to undertaking advocacy and casework.

Rupa has written for the Observer, Guardian and Tribune and is also author of three books, most recently a book on the importance of the suburbs entitled On the Edge. She advised the Labour Party on subjects including race and community relations.

Twitter: @rupahuq