Seema Kennedy ex-MP (Conservative)

Seema Kennedy has served as Conservative MP for South Ribble since 2015. In the June 2017 General Election, Seema received 28,980 votes, which equaled a 52.9% majority, retaining her seat.

Born in Lancashire to an Iranian father and a British mother, Seema's family moved to Iran when she was just six weeks old. However, they were forced to flee with the inception of the Iranian Revolution, and Seema spent the remainder of her childhood in Ribble Valley.

After working as a solicitor in the City, she joined the family business - a firm that owns commercial properties in the northwest. Her passion for public service began at a young age, when as a teenager, she spent holidays volunteering with special needs children at Stonyhurst.

As a Conservative, she strongly believes in each individual's duty to their community as well as their deserving of a chance to fulfill his or her potential to be a good citizen, to work, and to volunteer. Her top priority for local social action is combating loneliness, and she strives to achieve this by changing the predominant attitude towards older people.

Twitter: @SeemaKennedy