Paul Uppal, ex-MP (Conservative)

Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West. Entered Parliament on May 6th 2010 General Election.

Paul was born in Birmingham and is a Sikh of East African descent. He is a father of three children and is married to a lawyer. He would like to see the police force supported by government and not bogged down in paperwork. Paul runs his own business, and in his time as been his own builder, secretary, accountant, lawyer and cleaner.

At the 2005 election, Paul unsuccessfully contested the Birmingham Yardley seat. During the campaign however, he was interviewed on News night, he was live on Central News T.V. and interviewed on Radio 4 for the World Tonight programme. He was selected as a candidate on the 16th of February 2007 for Wolverhampton South West.

Paul gained his Wolverhampton seat with 40.7% share of the popular vote. He has been a member of the Environmental Audit Committee since 2011.

In September 2012 he was appointed PPS to David Willetts at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Contact Details:

Gresham Chambers, 2nd Floor,
14 Litchfield Street,
Wolverhampton, WV1 1DG
Tel: 01902 712 134