An historic political night for Black Britain

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As Britain makes sense of the new political landscape let’s not forget the record breaking numbers of African, Asian and Caribbean candidates elected to Parliament. Overall the number has nearly doubled from 14 to 26, the greatest number and percentage increase ever seen in British politics. And within those historic figures individual firsts have illuminated this election.

Women did particularly well. Helen Grant becomes the first woman of African descent to represent the Conservatives at Westminster. Priti Patel became the first Conservative Asian female. The Labour candidate Shabana Mahmood becomes the first Muslim woman to be elected to Westminster. The Labour Party’s Chi Onwurah became the first women of African descent to win a parliamentary seat.

OBV Director, Simon Woolley: Black politics came of age last night. A record voter turnout from the African, Asian and Caribbean electorate and a record number of candidates winning seats at Westminster will dramatically change how we see our governing class and how it operates. Greater representation, and greater involvement from our communities will undoubtedly enhance our democracy.

Note to Editors:
1) Operation Black Vote is a non-party political campaign.
2) The term ‘Black’ is a political term. It refers to African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities.
3) TOTAL Number of Black MPs elected to Parliament-26
15 Labour (up 2) (6 women 9 men)(4 A/C 11 Asian)
11 Conservatives (up 9) (2 women 9 men) 4A/C 7 Asian)