Press Release: African-American historically nominated by a major US party

In his speech, Mr Obama promised to reverse the economic downturn afflicting the US and restore the nation's standing in the world.

He also attacked the record of the Bush administration and his Republican rival for the presidency, John McCain.

"We are here because we love this country too much to let the next four years look just like the last eight years, this moment - this election - is our chance to keep, in the 21st Century, the American promise alive, he said."

Simon Woolley, OBV Director, said: “Here is a presidential candidate who unashamedly describes himself as a ‘Black man’. A man who has pledged to fight inequality, racism and restore to his people the great ideal of the American spirit, and he does it with such humility, style and a manner that globally inspires”.

Ashok Viswanathan, OBV Assistant Director said: “Leaders of Barack Obama’s calibre are rare indeed. I’m too young to have witnessed Dr Martin Luther King alive. But like King, Obama is a man of great destiny. Logic and fair play would dictate he should become the next President of America. But too often life isn’t fair. Many people around the world will be hoping that this time fair play and logic wins through.


Notes to the editor:

1. Operation Black Vote is a non-party political campaign.

2. The term ‘Black’ is a political term. It refers to African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities.

3. The Black vote can decide who wins and who loses in over 100 seats at the next General Election.