Journal: Lois Lucambe

30.10.15 Journal

The catalyst which motivated me to complete and submit my application to be a part of the OBV:LCCL programme was to increase the depth of my knowledge of the various areas in which I could perform civics duties, which would be beneficial to the community in which I live and work. It is a great honour and privilege to be chosen as one of the thiry candidates to participate within OBV:LCCL programme; thereby obtaining the skills to be a servant-leader within the community.

The launch of the programme on the evening of Friday 14th October 2015, at the Civic Suite, was in itself inspirational; listening to the exploits and works of established civic leaders, who have in their own unique way made a difference within the BEM communities.

It is overwhelming when one considers the sacrifices and courage of civic leaders past and present, who have put the needs of their community before their own personal ambitions and life's, to enable the voice of their communities to be heard within the political, judicial, health, and educational arenas within our society. Without committed civic leaders our communities would be unable to thrive.

I believe that self-improvement is the basis of community development. T.D. Jakes says in his book, 'Destiny - Step into Your Purpose', "As flight attendants tell us, we must first put our own mask on before attempting to help someone else. Sometimes we are the one needing to put the mask on someone else. At other times, we may need someone to put the mask on us."

I believe this programme will equip me with the tools to put someone else's oxygen mask on, so that they can thrive and make a difference within the community. The icing on the cake is that I have my own personal mentor, namely Councillor Janet Daby; how cool is that! OBV:LCCL and my mentor will be putting my oxygen mask on, so that I can help others and also make a difference within the community.

I intend to be a human sponge, soaking up the training, information, and knowledge gained through the programme, and via attendance of the numerous council meetings which discuss policies which will impact us all. For if we don't know what's going on, how can we challenge it, uphold it, or change it?

Participation is key as being passive changes nothing. I'm ready for active engagement, I'm ready to learn, I ready to grow, and I'm ready to make a difference. My goal for the future is to be a civic leader who understands the needs of her community and the actions required to meet those needs, as well as being in a position to promote community cohesion.