Journal: Marvin Critchlow

On the 09/10/2015 I decided I was ready to walk the talk and was inducted onto the OBV Civic Leadership program. After powerful speeches by distinguished guest I felt empowered to accept the mandate to strive to serve my local community from a position of civic of leadership.

Councillor Jim Mallory was assigned to be my mentor and with over 20 years' experience and having previously served as council leader I knew I was in good company. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and was very enthusiastic about the potential of the program.

One of the very first things I noticed was that civic duties require time and commitment which I initially found was something I had in short supply. With restructures taking place in my department at work until March coupled with interviews for new roles I felt like I had much to do with little time to do it in. Half term also fell on the week commencing 26/09/2015 and with a young family that counted me out for another week.

Thankfully I have now found my feet and have been able to attend council meetings as well as Councillor Mallory's local surgery. I have also attended OBV's first training day and greatly benefited from the group interaction.

I remind myself that aged 26 Martin Luther King led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and aged 27 Malcolm X met Elijah Muhammed and Marcus Garvey established the Universal Negro Improvement Association. I have always taken solace in examples set by these men but at up until now at the age of 28 I have not truly followed their lead. Now I believe with the help of OBV this will change and I'm excited about what the future may hold. Thank you for the opportunity.