Journal: Michael Adesite

Journal 1

My first few weeks of the OBV programme whilst incredibly challenging, have been a major eye opener into the world of civic leadership within Lewisham Borough. One thing that really stuck with me, particularly at the launch event, was that alumni and board members alike "demanded" that we take on this important responsibility and challenge ourselves. Being someone who is interested in the world of education, I sat down with my mentor and sought out opportunities which would enable me to learn more about Education within the borough.

This brought me to my first observation session of the Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership Board where they spoke about matters ranging from careers advice for 14-19 year olds to how the borough is attempting to tackle young teenage pregnancy. I had / have a particular interest in the former having attended a school where career advice was few and far between - most of it I had to source myself.

They were just scrutinizing the initial document that was produced, hence they did not go into too much detail about how they were going to reform this area. From this, I have taken the initiative to look for schools in which to be a Governor. I tried at the secondary school I attended between the years 2002-2007 but they unfortunately do not have any places. I'm very much looking forward to the next few weeks, and I'm probably going to ask if I can become involved in some way or another in the discussion about reforming careers advice to young people in the borough.