Journal: Eyvonne Browne

Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee

Purpose of committee: Scrutiny Committee

Key area: The main item on the agenda was 'Voluntary sector accommodation consultation'. There was significant representation from local lead communities who were at potential risk of closure. Each organisation was given the opportunity to present why they should remain open. I identified some disparity between the emotional presentations that were given by the communities to keep their centre open vs the strategic agenda that the council consider in making their decisions.

Impact of change: Members presented appropriate critical friend questions to officers on the impact of potential closures across communities.

Identified development: Read Terms of Reference before future attendance at all committee meetings.

Observation: The previous role held within Lewisham made it very easy for me to understand the purpose of the committee however it did make me question whether a general member of the public would be in the same position. Going forward, I think this will strengthen my role as a 'civic leader' to better empower the community with information that is out in the public arena to increase their understanding of how decisions are made.