The Obama generation

In March 2009 Operation Black Vote organised a reception at the House of Commons to showcase the generation of new and dynamic Black and minority ethnic politicians.

The reception welcomed the candidates that were preparing to stand at the EU and the 2010 general elections.

Party seniors Nick Clegg, Eric Pickles, Baroness Warsi, David Lammy, and Plaid Cymru’s Elfyn Llwyd MP attended to address and support the candidates on their journey to Westminster.

Nearly 150 candidates stood at the elections and 17 new BME MPs were elected, bringing the number in Parliament to 27.

From top: Elected- Rushanara Ali, Helen Grant and Chuka Umunna

Merlene Emerson who stood for the Lib Dems and George Lee who stood for the Conservatives

Liza Muna and Farida Aslam, Plaid Cymru with Elfyn Llwyd MP

Conservative, Zehra Zaldi was a European Union candidate

Candidates and MPs - David Lammy, Elfyn Llwyd, Nick Clegg, Eric Pickles and Baroness Warsi

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems leaders with candidates