Voter Registration Campaigns & Events

When we started in 1997, we conducted research that identified the need for Black and other minority ethnic representation in our political and democratic institutions.

Our surveys show that in over100 UK constituencies the BME vote could decided who was in power.

Voter registration and turn-out rallies and events are held in the run-up to local government elections and general elections.

Our roadshows and empowerment events reach out to communities and include those who feel that politics is not for them.

We aim to increase voter registration figures among BME communities at each election, to make sure that the voice of the masses ring clear and loud to the democratic institutions.

By using the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, we believe we can change the future of our democratic institutions so to reflect the society it serves.

Why Dr. Martin Luther King 

OBV & political representation

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Black Britain Decides - Rally 

Black Britain Decides The Black Britain Decides rally, held a week before the May 2010 general election, included Conservative George Osborne, Liberal Democrat Vince Cable and ...

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Realising the Dream - Rally 

Black Britain Decides and Realising The Dream

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