We are on a mission to empower Black communities and bridge the democratic deficit. Through a range of empowering programmes, impactful campaigns, and transformative schemes, we actively promote equality, diversity, and representation. Whether you're passionate about making your voice heard, driving change, or getting involved, there's a place for you in OBV's community.

About Our Campaigns

Since our inception, campaigning for black communities acrss Britain has been at the core of our purpose. We believe in uplifting, empowering and connecting communities to help increase their democratic engagement in all forms.

We are proud to have run several impactful campaigns over the years across billboards, TV, radio and across social media. Our voter registration campaigns have led to thousands of underrepresented communities enfranchising themselves and joining the democratic discussion.

But, our job is not yet done.

We are currently working on a voter registration campaign for the 2024 General Elections and have pulled together a National Voter Registration Alliance (NVRA) alongside partner organisations all dedicated to decreasing the democratic deficit in Britain.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts and our new website for more information about the NVRA and our upcoming campaigns.


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