Leadership Programmes

We are on a mission to empower Black communities and bridge the democratic deficit. Through a range of empowering programmes, impactful campaigns, and transformative schemes, we actively promote equality, diversity, and representation. Whether you're passionate about making your voice heard, driving change, or getting involved, there's a place for you in OBV's community.


“The most remarkable aspect of the Pathway to Success programme was the opportunity to connect with like-minded, ambitious aspiring parliamentarians. This programme truly exemplified the power of collaboration and learning from one another on the path to success.”

Usaama Kaweesa

“Very well organised and inspiring content. Some very good practical tips on how to campaign successfully and become politically astute.”

Amina Ali

“Excellent day of interaction and learning. I thought Callum and Parag were excellent as they challenged us and answered really difficult questions really well, and simplified stuff for us.”

Ashiedu Joel